Colombo Port City Development Project

Sri Lanka locates on the world's busiest international maritime route. It is also an important node on the Marine Silk Road. This project is on the west side of Colombo city. Shanghai Dredging Company (SDC) and Guangzhou Dredging Company (GDC) formed a Joint Venture to construct. The project is the largest foreign direct investment project in Sri Lanka till now. Three large TSHDs have been deployed to serve for this project by using the technique of dumping, pumping ashore and rainbow pumping.

The project will bring Colombo a new urban area integrated with business, residential and leisure functions. Once it is completed, it will provide numerous employment opportunities directly and indirectly. The project will help to promote the development of the western metropolitan regions of Sri Lanka into ˇ°Ocean City, Aviation City, Science & Technology City, Industrial City and Tourism Cityˇ±.

Location Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
Client CHEC Port City Colombo (Private) Limited
Volume 24.3 million m3
Contract amount USD 1.4 billion
Period 3 years