The modern marine industry requires larger scale ocean port and deeper water depth for the berthing and navigation of the mega container and other kinds of cargo ships, which makes capital dredging essential for the newly-built and existing ports and channels. After the initial construction stage, the water depth also needs to be maintained during operation due to natural siltation.

In 1905, more than 110 years ago, SDC started maintenance business along Huangpu River. Since then, dredging has always been one of our core businesses. And today, by virtue of advanced equipment and professional management, we update our services to a diversity of capital and maintenance dredging, excavation of pipeline trench, sand borrowing in deep water, etc.

In domestic market, we took the annual maintenance dredging of Yangtze Estuary Deepwater Channel, Waigaoqiao Port, Yangshan Deepwater Port, Lianyungang Port, Ningbo Port; in overseas market, we won the long term maintenance dredging in Orinoco and Maracaibo (Venezuela), Buenos Aires Port (Argentina) and we also have more than 10 dredging projects in other countries and regions such as Brazil£¨Panama and Cameroon.