Shanghai Dredging Company

CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. (SDC) is China’s leading marine and waterway contractor. SDC is actively engaged in dredging, reclamation, marine and environmental projects across the globe. The company owns a versatile and expanding fleet of dredgers and auxiliary vessels consisting of trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, grab dredgers and other specialized construction vessels.

Dredging is the company’s core activity and is the linking pin in the projects carried out by Shanghai Dredging Company. SDC is devoted to provide a one-stop service for marine engineering, dredging, land reclamation and dike construction projects including project financing. Over the years, dredging has become increasingly important due to the worldwide growing scarcity of space along the seashores, scaling up of operations in the transport sector and the pursuit of a cleaner environment.  SDC provides end-to-end solutions from planning, design, surveying, dredging and maintenance works from clients originating from the public and private sectors. SDC cooperates with internationally renowned experts to provide the client with optimum solutions. SDC has expanding global ambitions in the field of dredging and marine engineering. Through our design institutes and their research and development departments we tend to shift the boundaries of technology.

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